City Code: 1052:0

Section 1052 - Prohibition Regarding Phosphorus Containing Fertilizers

Section 1052:00. Prohibition Regarding Phosphorus Containing Fertilizers.

Subd. 1. Purpose. City finds and determines that data indicate that water quality of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams and other waters may be maintained or improved where the City regulates the amount of lawn fertilizer and other chemicals entering such waters as a result of storm water runoff or other causes. The purpose of this Ordinance is to set forth regulations which will restrict the amount of fertilizers containing phosphorus which may be applied within the City.

Section 1052:05. Fertilizer Content. No person, firm, corporation, franchise, or a commercial or noncommercial applicator, including a homeowner and renter, shall apply any lawn fertilizer, liquid or granular, within the City of Owatonna which contains any amount of phosphorus or other compound containing phosphorus, such as phosphate, except:

a. The naturally occurring phosphorus in unadulterated natural or organic fertilizing products such as yard waste compost; or

b. or as otherwise provided in Section 1052:10.

Section 1052:10. Exemption to Phosphorus Prohibition. The prohibition against the use of phosphorus shall not apply to:

a. Newly established or developed turf and lawn areas during first growing season; or

b. turf and lawn areas which soil tests confirm are below phosphorus levels established by the University of Minnesota Extension Services. The lawn fertilizer application shall not contain an amount of phosphorus exceeding the amount of phosphorus and the appropriate application rate recommended in the soil test evaluation; or

c. heavy use sports turf areas.

Phosphorus applied as lawn fertilizer pursuant to the aforementioned exemptions shall be watered into the soil where it is immobilized and generally protected from loss of runoff.

Section 1052:15. Penalty. Any person violating this Ordinance shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor.

PLEASE NOTE: The effective date of this ordinance is January 1, 2004.

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