City Code: 105:0

Section 105 - Property of City, Taking or Obtaining by Fraud, Concealment, or Without Intent to Pay

Section 105:00. Electricity. No person shall connect any wire to any meter, pipe, conduit, line or other apparatus, wire or fixture, in any house, building or structure, for the purpose of taking, using or diverting any electric current from City of Owatonna without such electric current first passing through a meter duly located or installed in such house, building or structure, or in an attempt to use, secure or waste such electric current without intending to pay for same; no person shall take, receive or attempt to take, receive or appropriate any electric current from City of Owatonna without intending to pay for same; no person shall make any change in any meter, fixture, appliance, mechanism, apparatus or instrument for the purpose of securing from the City of Owatonna any gas or water without the knowledge of said City, or without the same being duly registered, measured or indicated or without permission from said City, and no person shall take or receive from the City of Owatonna any gas or water with intent to secure same without payment therefor to said City.

Section 105:05. Water and Other Property. No person shall use, receive, accept or obtain from the City of Owatonna any City water or any other property with an intent not to pay for the same at the price duly fixed and established therefor, if any price be so fixed and established, and, if no price be fixed and established, then at the reasonable worth and value of the same.

Section 105:10. Notice of Use of Water. No person shall use or receive any City water from the City of Owatonna without stating and disclosing to said City, or to the person authorized by said City to collect monies for the use of such water, the manner in which the same is used and the different uses made of the same, fully and explicitly and with sufficient detail so that the said City may have full notice and knowledge of such use, to the end that said City shall and will be able to definitely and correctly fix a price and value for the same at its usual rates and charges, or at its true value if no such rates and charges be fixed and established.

Section 105:15. Fraud, City Water. Each and every person who shall use or obtain from said City of Owatonna any City water by any false or fraudulent statement or by any fraudulent scheme or device, for the purpose of evading payment of the same or for the purpose of paying for the same at a lower rate than that fixed and established by said City for such use, shall be guilty of a penal offense.

Section 105:20. Use of Facilities and Participation in Programs. No person shall use the recreation facilities or participate in the programs of recreation of the City, including softball, golf, tennis, football, basketball, hockey, broomball or any other program conducted under the authority and direction of the Park and Recreation Department of the City of Owatonna without first paying the fee or charge established for the use of such facilities or for participation in such programs.

Section 105:25. Fees and Charges Posted. The Director of Parks and Recreation shall cause a schedule of fees and charges to be posted at, in or near the facilities for which a user charge is made and shall have available to the general public a schedule of fees for programs of recreation.

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