City Code: 130:3

Section 130 - Administrative Code

Section 130:00. Office of City Administrator, Established Duties.

Subd. 1. In accordance with Section 2.2 of the City Charter, there is hereby created the office of "City Administrator" of the City of Owatonna. The City Administrator shall be appointed by the City Council.

a. The City Administrator shall, under direction of the Council, exercise control and supervision over all administrative affairs of the City government, and to that end may investigate, examine or inquire into the affairs or operation of any department, division, office or other units of the City administration.

b. The City Administrator shall issue administrative manuals, orders, rules, directives and regulations not inconsistent with the Charter, the ordinances of the City and State law, when approved by the Council. Such rules, manuals, orders, directives and regulations shall outline the general and specific procedures for the administration of the City's activities.

c. The City Administrator shall recommend to the Council and Mayor such measures and policies considered necessary or expedient for the best operation of the City government.

d. The City Administrator shall keep the Council and Mayor advised of the financial condition and needs of the City and prepare and submit annually to the Council an administrative budget which shall be compiled from the various departmental budget requests pursuant to Sections 5.5 and 5.6 of the City Charter.

e. The City Administrator may temporarily reassign personnel who can be spared from one department to another department in need of additional help.

f. The City Administrator may assign work projects to the proper department or departments.

g. The City Administrator shall perform such additional duties as may be assigned by the City Council or by ordinance.

h. The City Administrator shall conduct the recruitment and screening process for hiring of all department heads except the City Attorney. The Park and Recreation Board shall designate representatives to jointly conduct the recruitment and screening process for the position of Director of Parks and Recreation. The Library Board shall designate representatives to jointly conduct the recruitment and screening process for the position of Director of Library Services. Interviews of finalists shall be conducted by the City Administrator, Board representatives, where specified, and two representatives of the City Council. A final recommendation shall be presented to the City Council for approval.

eff. 8/17/93 Section 130:03

Section 130:03. Departments Enumerated.

Subd. 1. In order to provide for the economic, efficient and prompt discharge of the necessary administrative functions of the City, the administrative service of the City government shall be divided into operating departments as hereinafter set forth:

(1) A City Administrator who shall be the City Clerk-Treasurer.

(2) A Public Works Department which shall be directed by the City Engineer.

(3) A Planning Department which shall be directed by the Planning Director.

(4) A Finance Department which shall be directed by the Finance Director.

(5) A Park and Recreation Department which shall be directed by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

(6) A Library Department which shall be directed by the Director of Library Services.

(7) A Fire Department which shall be directed by the Fire Chief.

(8) A Police Department which shall be directed by the Chief of Police.

(9) A Legal Department which shall be directed by the City Attorney.

Section 130:09. Duties of Certain Officers.

Subd. 1. At the direction of the City Administrator, the heads of departments, except the City Attorney, shall have the duties hereinafter described:

a. Be immediately responsible to the City Administrator for the effective administration of their respective departments and all activities assigned thereto and to that end they shall have the power to establish work rules and to initiate disciplinary proceedings in accordance with established policies of the Council.

b. Keep informed as to the latest practices in their particular field and shall inaugurate, with the approval of the City Administrator and Council, such new practices as appear to be of benefit to the service and to the public.

c. Submit, as requested, reports of the activities of their departments to the City Administrator.

d. Establish and maintain a system of filing and indexing records and reports in sufficient detail to furnish all information necessary for proper control of departmental activities and to form a basis for the periodic reports to the City Administrator.

Section 130:09, Subd. 1. e.

e. Be responsible for the proper maintenance of all City property and equipment used in their departments.

f. Cooperate with each other and furnish, upon the request of the City Administrator or the Council, service, labor and materials as may be requisitioned by the head of any other department, and as its own facilities permit, through the same procedure and subject to the same audit and control as other expenditures are incurred.

g. Be responsible for recommending to the City Administrator changes in codes, ordinances and internal departmental organizations which will improve the operations of their departments.

h. Be responsible for submitting an annual budget request to the City Administrator which will include proposed additions or reductions in staff, adjustments in salary schedules and additions to plant and equipment.

i. Have responsibility for keeping the City administration advised as to the programs and policies of other governmental agencies which might affect the City's operations within the designated area of responsibility.

j. Have authority to hire, subject to the approval of the City Administrator, all employees for their departments.

k. Have the authority to effectively recommend to the City Administrator the heads of all divisions within their department where such appointments are not provided for in this code or elsewhere.

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