City Code: 205:25

Section 205 - Bathing Beaches

Section 205:00. Beach Season. The date of the season opening and closing of the Municipal Bathing Beach shall be established by the Park and Recreation Board of this municipality each calendar year.

Section 205:05. Hours of Supervised Swimming.

Subd. 1. The Lake Kohlmier Beach shall be attended by lifeguards who shall work at hours and time designated by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Subd. 2. The Beach Manager or any one of the lifeguards on duty at the beach may close the bathing beach whenever in their judgment the water or the weather does not permit bathing. No person shall be permitted in the water during the periods the beach is declared closed by a lifeguard.

Subd. 3. No person shall swim or be at the beach outside established hours.

Section 205:10. Bathing Beach Rules and Regulations.

Subd. 1. No person shall throw, cast, deposit, damage, lay, place or scatter in the water or upon any bathing beach any lighted cigars or cigarettes or any glass, bottles, nails, tacks, wire, crockery, can or other sharp or cutting substance, or any refuse matter or article or thing of any kind. If any glass is broken, the person responsible for the breakage shall immediately pick up the pieces and place them in a trash container.

Subd. 2. No person shall bring into or use in the water artificial floats of any kind or description, with the exception of non-motor-powered water craft which has been licensed and approved by the State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Subd. 3. No person shall bring, drive, lead, carry or permit any dog or other animal, whether leashed or unleashed, muzzled or unmuzzled, onto the premises of any bathing beach.

Subd. 4. No person shall light or make use of any fire on the beach except in ovens or locations provided for that purpose.

Subd. 5. No person shall swim or bathe in the water fronting the bathing beach during (a) electrical storms or in dangerous or unauthorized areas; or (b) outside the designated swimming area at the Lake Kohlmier Beach.

Subd. 6. No swimmer or bather shall enter the water or onto the bathing beach, unless clothed in a suitable bathing suit.

Subd. 7. No person shall change clothes on the beach or in vehicles parked at the beach.

Subd. 8. No person shall appear in a state of nudity, nor shall any person make any indecent exposure of his or her person in any park or upon any bathing beach.

Section 205:10, Subd. 9

Subd. 9. No person shall use profane, offensive or vulgar language and no person shall conduct himself or herself in a rough, boisterous, suggestive or offensive manner while in the water or upon the beach.

Subd. 10. No person shall bring or carry any bicycle upon a bathing beach except to install such vehicle in racks that are provided by the City of Owatonna.

Subd. 11. No person shall carry on unnecessary conversation with lifeguards; or falsely call for help or assistance, or stand or sit upon or cling to any lifeguard towers; or, except in an emergency, go into or cling to any lifeguard boats.

Subd. 12. No person shall conduct oneself upon any bathing beach or in the water in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself and others.

Subd. 13. No person having, or apparently having, any infectious disease shall be admitted at the bathing beach, or shall be permitted in the water.

Subd. 14. No person, except children, their parents, custodians or guardians, shall be permitted in any play area on the beaches designated for children.

Section 205:15. Conduct of Lifeguards. All lifeguards shall be subject to rules and regulations prescribed by the City of Owatonna.

Section 205:20. Authority of Lifeguards. The duly appointed lifeguards are hereby authorized and empowered to order swimmers out of the bathing beach waters at such time and under such conditions as they deem necessary for the public welfare.

Section 205:25. Liquor Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession or to consume any intoxicating liquor or non-intoxicating malt liquor on the Lake Kohlmier Beach, or upon the waters of Lake Kohlmier or anywhere within Kaplan's Woods Parkway.

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