City Code: 207:0

Section 207 - Regulation and Control of Lake Kohlmier

Section 207:00. Lake Kohlmier Rules and Regulations. All of the surface area of Lake Kohlmier shall be subject to the ordinances set forth hereafter.

Section 207:05. Swimming Restrictions. No person shall swim or bathe in Lake Kohlmier except at the designated swimming area at the municipal beach during times designated by the Owatonna Park and Recreation Department.

Section 207:10. Watercraft Restrictions. No person shall operate or use (a) any watercraft, or (b) any inflatable or other float-type device except for licensed watercraft or United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices.

Section 207:15. Motor Restrictions. No motor shall be used on Lake Kohlmier other than an electric trolling motor not to exceed three (3) horsepower.

Section 207:20. Motorized Vehicle Restrictions. No automobile, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle or motorized vehicle of any kind shall be operated on the surface of Lake Kohlmier during its frozen state or on the public beaches and shoreline contiguous thereto.

Section 207:25. Boat Launch Restrictions. No vehicle other than a vehicle unloading a watercraft or ice fishing house shall be permitted on the boat launch access road and boat launch parking lot.

Section 207:30. Exemptions. Authorized resource management emergency and enforcement personnel, when acting in the performance of their assigned duties, shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance. Temporary exemptions from this ordinance may be obtained through a permit issued by the City Council for special events, trials or races.

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