City Code: 450:0

Section 450:00
Section 450 - Garbage and Refuse Hauling
Section 450:00. Definitions.
Subd 1. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the words, combinations of words, terms and phrases, as used in Section 450:00 et seq., shall have the meanings set forth in the subdivisions of this section which follow.

Subd. 2. Garbage. The term "garbage" as used herein shall mean and include all putrescible wastes, including animal offal, and carcasses of dead animals, but excluding human excreta, sewage and other water-carried wastes.

Subd. 3. Other Refuse. The term "other refuse" as used herein shall mean and include ashes, glass, crockery, tin cans, grass cuttings, leaves, boxes, waste paper, rags, old clothing and all similar non-putrescible wastes, but does not include trees, tree trimmings, brush, wood and other materials such as earth, sand, gravel, brick, stone, plaster or other similar substances that may accumulate as a result of construction operations.

Subd. 4. Vehicle. The term "vehicle" as used herein shall mean and include each and every conveyance of any type, that will be used directly or indirectly in the collection, hauling and disposal of garbage or other refuse.

Subd. 5. Household Recyclable Materials. Materials segregated from the mixed municipal solid waste stream for the purposes of recycling or reclamation including paper, cardboard, glass, metals, and plastics and other specifically allowed items but not to include items considered household hazardous wastes.

Section 450:05. License Required. No person shall collect or haul garbage or other refuse for hire within this municipality, or hold themselves out as engaged in the business of collecting, hauling or disposing of garbage or other refuse, without a license from the Council. Licenses are not transferable. Eff. 8/21/07

Section 450:10. Application and Fee. All applications for license shall be accompanied by a license fee as duly set by the Council from time to time. All licenses shall be issued so that they shall expire on the 31st day of December next succeeding the date of issuance, unless revoked by the Council. The Council reserves the right to fix the amount of the license fee for any license issued for any period less than one (1) year.

Section 450:15. Approved Vehicles. No license shall be granted under this ordinance to any person whose vehicles are not approved, in that all vehicles shall be so constructed or adapted as not to permit spilling, dropping or blowing of its contents upon streets, avenues or alleys or otherwise creating a nuisance and shall have appropriate covers therefor.

Section 450:20. Revocation. Any license, when issued, may be revoked by the City Council without notice in the case of the conviction in a court of competent jurisdiction of the licensee on a complaint alleging the violation of this Section or alleging the violation of the provisions of the City Code or the laws of the State of Minnesota regarding public health. Further, said license may be suspended or revoked at any time by the City Council for a violation of any provision of the City Code or the laws of the State of Minnesota, upon a hearing, provided that the licensee shall be given at least five days' written notice of such hearing and shall have an opportunity to appear in person or by agent or attorney and present evidence relative to the matter under consideration. No portion of a license fee paid shall be refunded on suspension or revocation of any license hereunder. Eff. 8/21/07

Section 450:22. Insurance. Before any license is granted or renewed the applicant shall furnish to the City Administrator a certificate of insurance evidencing automobile liability insurance with limits of not less than $1 Million for each occurrence, combined single limit. The applicant shall also provide a certificate of insurance evidencing coverage for commercial general liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1 Million each occurrence, combined single limit. Each certificate shall name the City as an additional insured. Each certificate shall provide that the insurance policy shall not be cancelled until thirty (30) days after written notice to the City Administrator. Eff. 8/21/07

Section 450:25. Hauling in Vehicles. It shall be unlawful for any person to haul garbage or any other refuse except on vehicles approved as provided in Section 450:15. Persons hauling garbage or refuse, whether hauling for hire or not, must have garbage, refuse or other material placed in vehicles and/or containers so constructed or covered as to prevent spilling, leaking, dropping or the blowing off of contents. Vehicles hauling earth, gravel, stones or other such material shall be so loaded as to prevent spilling or scattering of material on City streets.

Section 450:30. Sites for Disposal.

Subd. 1. No garbage, or other refuse, or trees, tree trimmings, brush, wood or other materials such as earth, sand, gravel, brick, bituminous, concrete, concrete block, stone, plaster or other substances that may accumulate as a result of construction operations, shall be dumped or disposed of in the corporate limits of this municipality except at such site or sites as may from time to time be established by the Council, except that earth, sand and gravel may be hauled to a site or sites designated by the City Engineer.

Subd. 2. Every person and licensee shall comply with all rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be established by the Council relative to the dumping and disposal of all materials at each site or sites provided therefor.

Section 450:35. Rules and Regulations for Storage of Garbage and Other Refuse.

Subd. 1. In all zoning districts, waste, refuse, trash or debris shall be kept in an enclosed building or properly contained in closed containers. Containers shall be metal or plastic, reusable, covered, leak-proof and designed for such use.

Subd. 2. Containers shall be located in the side or rear yard. For residential uses other than single family dwellings, containers in side yards must be located within an opaque fenced area. Containers shall not be set on City boulevards for pickup, except that containers/dumpsters may be set on City street or City right-of-way with City Engineer's written permission and for periods not to exceed seven (7) days, and City approved uniform residential recycling containers containing household recyclable materials may be placed within the boulevard on designated pickup days only, as may be designated by the City Council from time to time.

Subd. 3. No refuse, garbage, trash or debris, except household recyclable materials, will be allowed to accumulate or be stored for more than fourteen (14) days. Construction material must be removed from the job site within thirty (30) days of completion of project. Construction material not being used on site cannot be stored in residential areas.

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