City Code: 491:0

Section 491 - Taxicabs

Section 491:00. License Required. No person shall carry or transport any person for hire by means of any automobile or taxicab within the corporate limits of this municipality without first obtaining a license so to do.

Section 491:05. Application. Any person, firm or corporation wishing to obtain a license shall fill out and file with the Clerk-Treasurer an application for such license on a form provided by the Clerk-Treasurer for that purpose, which application shall state the name and address of the licensee, the kind, model, number of engine and serial number and year of manufacture of the automobile or taxicab to be used in the business, and the period for which application is made, which application shall be forthwith presented to the Council and if approved by them, then license shall be issued by the Clerk-Treasurer.

Section 491:10. Fee and Term. The license fee for each vehicle shall be in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time. Each license shall expire on December 31. (eff. 6/5/07)

Section 491:15. Taxi License Tag; Display. The Clerk-Treasurer shall issue for each vehicle so licensed a number on a card or certificate, the numbers being assigned in the consecutive order of issue of licenses, beginning with the number one (1), which number shall be placed on the vehicle in full view of passengers, which shall be in the following form:

CITY OF OWATONNA Taxicab License No. ____________

Section 491:20. Insurance or Bond Requirements. No license shall be issued for and no taxicab, automobile or similar vehicle used for hire, shall be operated or used in or upon the streets of this municipality for the purpose of carrying passengers for hire, and it shall be unlawful to so operate such taxicab, unless there shall have been filed with the Clerk-Treasurer a liability contract of insurance, issued to the owner of such taxicab, which shall be on the form of the standard automobile liability insurance policy in customary use, to be approved by the Council and issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Minnesota, said policy to include provisions naming the City of Owatonna as an additional insured, to secure payment, in accordance with the provisions thereof, to any person, except employees of the owner, for personal injuries to such persons and for any damage to property, except property owned by, rented to, leased to, in charge of, or transported by the owner, other than baggage of passengers, caused by the operation of such taxicab, in the amount of $300,000 combined single limit or equivalent.

Section 491:23. Inspection of Taxicabs. No license shall be issued for any vehicle until said vehicle has been inspected by a motor vehicle maintenance shop approved by the State of Minnesota, and noted defects corrected. Such inspection and approval must be received before initial issue, before annual renewal and six (6) months following initial issue or renewal.

Section 491:25

Section 491.25. Revocation. Any license granted under the provisions of this ordinance may be revoked at any time by the Council for cause, upon motion to that end, without return of license fee.

Section 491.30. Bus Lines Excluded. This ordinance shall have no application to the bus lines operating between this municipality and any other place.

Section 491.35. License Issuance and Display, and Vehicle Marking. All licenses shall be issued for specific conveyances, except as otherwise herein provided. License tags, including number and year for which issued, shall be plainly visible from the front seat of the conveyance. Both sides of every licensed taxicab, when in use, shall be plainly and permanently marked as such with a painted sign or appurtenances showing the full or abbreviated name of the licensed company.

Section 491:40. Rates. Each applicant shall file with the City Clerk, before a taxicab license is issued or renewed, a schedule of proposed maximum rates to be charged by him during the licensed period for which the application is made. The schedule of proposed maximum rates shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the taxicab in full view of passengers riding therein. Applicant may change rates by notifying the City Clerk's Office.

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