City Code: 615:0

Section 615 - Improvements, Assessments

Section 615:00. Date of Petition for Street Improvements. Except as provided in Section 615:05 of this ordinance, no petitions for construction of curb and gutter, concrete surfacing, bituminous surfacing, base course, grading or graveling of streets, or for construction of sanitary sewer in streets, or any one (1) or combination of the foregoing types of improvements, will be accepted or acted upon by the Council, unless filed with the Clerk on or before August 1 of the year prior to the year of requested construction.

Section 615:05. New Streets. Petitions for any improvement provided in Section 615:00 of this ordinance of new streets not dedicated on October 1 of the year prior to the time of requested construction may be received and acted upon if filed before January 1 of the year of requested construction, upon payment by the petitioner of cash in an amount sufficient to pay all costs of engineering and survey for such proposed improvements.

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