City Code: 660:15

Section 660:15. Regulations for Planting Trees on Boulevards.

Subd. 1. Trees must be cultivated nursery stock which meet specifications on file in the office of the Director of Public Works. Developers may designate a particular variety of tree for boulevard plantings when platting occurs, which may not provide the property owner a choice in variety selection. Eff. 3/19/96; 5/16/00; 11/5/03

Subd. 2. No trees shall be placed so as in the opinion of the Director of Public Works to cause a traffic hazard. Eff. 5/16/00

Subd. 3. Small trees shall be planted at least twenty-five (25) feet apart and large trees 40 feet apart.

Subd. 4. Trees shall not be planted closer than forty-four (44) feet from future or existing curb returns at intersections. Eff. 11/5/03

Subd. 5. Trees shall be planted at least five (5) feet from driveways, house-sidewalks, visible or identifiable underground utility or light poles. Eff. 11/5/03

Subd. 6. Except where a special permit is obtained from the Director of Public Works, no tree shall be planted on any boulevard where the distance between the nearest edge of the sidewalk and curb is less than six (6) feet. Eff. 5/16/00; 11/5/03

Subd. 7. All trees shall be planted equidistant from the nearest edge of the proposed or existing sidewalk and curb, except when the Director of Public Works may direct otherwise. Eff. 5/16/00

Subd. 8. Trees shall be planted at least ten (10) feet from fire hydrants.

Subd. 9. Where the boulevard width is inadequate or underground utilities do not allow space to plant trees, trees may be planted on the adjacent private property with the permission of the property owner. When a sidewalk is present, trees shall be planted between five (5) and ten (10) feet from the property line onto the adjacent private property. When no sidewalk is present, the tree shall be planted within four (4) feet of the front property line. These trees shall become the property of the property owner and the care and maintenance shall be the responsibility of the property owner. Eff. 11/5/03

Subd. 10. Only trees from the small variety list are approved for under or near power lines.

Subd. 11. The Director of Public Works will assist in staking out the location of the tree planting, at the request of the property owner. Property owner shall call Gopher State One. Call (1-800-252-1166) to obtain utility locations before planting the tree in the desired location. The City may direct said property owner to replant a tree if it does not conform to planting requirements stated elsewhere in Section 660:15. Eff. 5/16/00

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