City Code: 660:20

Section 660:20. Removal of Trees on Boulevards.

Subd. 1. The City will remove trees that are determined by the Director of Public Works to be diseased, dangerous, or a public nuisance. Eff. 5/16/00

Subd. 2. Ordinary removal by the City will leave the stump in the ground, cut off at about boulevard level. The stump will be ground out, with black dirt and grass seed placed in the hole.

Subd. 3. Removal of any tree is to be approved by the Director of Public Works before removal. Eff. 5/16/00

Subd. 4. New trees will be put in at the expense of the City when the City removes trees in the process of street construction or reconstruction.

Subd. 5. Requests from property owners to remove boulevard trees for the purpose of development, expansion, driveway placement, etc. are to be approved by the Director of Public Works. If approved, the property owner shall be responsible for removal of the tree and stump in accordance with Section 494 of the City Ordinance and all costs thereof. The property owner shall also be responsible for the cost of a replacement tree if determined necessary by the Director of Public Works. Eff. 11/5/03

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