City Code: 715:0

Section 715 - Motorcycles and Motor Scooters

Section 715:00. State License Required.

Subd. 1. Motorcycles, motor scooters and motor bikes shall be licensed and regulated as set forth in the subdivisions which follow.

Subd. 2. Motorcycles as used herein shall mean the vehicles defined in Section 169.01, Subd. 4, Minnesota Statutes, and acts amendatory thereto.

Subd. 3. No person shall operate a motorcycle on any street or highway, within the corporate limits of this municipality, unless such person has a valid driver's license with a two (2) wheel vehicle endorsement as provided by statute.

Subd. 4. No person shall operate a motorcycle in the following places:

a. On private property except with the permission of the owner or lawful occupant.

b. On public property, including but not limited to school sites, parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and golf courses, except as hereinafter expressly provided to the contrary.

Subd. 5. Operation of motorcycles may occur in City parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and golf courses, but only in those portions thereof which the Park and Recreation Board has designated for motorcycle use. Said Park and Recreation Board may conduct, supervise and regulate events or programs in which motorcycles are used.

Section 715:05. Regulations for Operation.

Subd. 1. All provisions of Chapter 169 of Minnesota Statutes pertaining to motorcycles and other motor vehicle equipment shall apply to motorcycles except those which by their nature can have no application.

Subd. 2. Provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to persons during their participation in a parade for which parade a permit or other official authorization has been granted by this municipality or other governmental authority.

Subd. 3. Every person operating a motorcycle upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to a motor vehicle as provided by Minnesota Statutes, except as to those provisions which, by their nature, can have no application.

Subd. 4. Except as hereinafter provided otherwise, no person shall operate a motorcycle unless it is equipped at all times with a muffler in good working order which blends the exhaust noise into the overall motorcycle noise and is in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise. The exhaust system shall not emit or produce a sharp popping or crackling noise. This section does not apply to organized races or similar competitive events held on (1) private lands, with the permission of the owner, lessee or custodian of

Section 715:05, Subd. 4

the lands; (2) public lands and waters under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner, with the Commissioner's permission; or (3) other public lands with the consent of the public agency owning the land. No person shall have for sale, sell or offer for sale on any new motorcycle any muffler that fails to comply with the specifications of the Commissioner after the effective date of these rules and regulations.

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