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City of Owatonna, MN Staff Directory

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Namesort icon Title E-Mail
Wolters, Lynn Heavy Equipment Operator - Parks
Witt, Ron Heavy Equipment Operator
Wilker, Jesse Master Carpenter
Wagner, Daniel Parks and Building Maintenance II
Van Osdale, Andrew Police Officer
Vaith, Brady Police Officer
Vaillancourt, Nancy Desk Assistant
Ulrich, Todd Fire Equipment Operator
Truelson, Tim Assistant Recreation Director
Thomas, Greg Facilities & Grounds Superintendent
Thomas, Bruce Fire Commander
Strodtman, Richard Heavy Equipment Operator
Steinberg, Joshua Community Service Officer
Sorensen, Joshua Sergeant - Patrol
Sorensen, Dawn Administrative Assistant - Library
Smith, Rick Parks Director
Skov, Kyle Public Works Director
Seykora, Charles Fire Equipment Operator
Sexton, Marie Technical Services Assistant
Segner, Ron Associate Engineer
Schwanke, Mark Building Inspector - Senior
Schumaker, Zackary Police Officer
Schroht, Brad Park Technician I
Schroeder, David Community Service Officer
Schmoll, Jarrod Fire Equipment Operator
Schmidt, Kay Circulation Assistant
Roush, Joseph Facilities Technician - Electrician
Rosenau, Bill Assistant Street Superintendent
Rosenau, Courtney Administrative Assistant I
Robinson, Brandon Desk Assistant
Robertson, Jamie Facilities Technician - Plumber
Roberts, Pamela Administrative Assistant—Patrol
Ringhofer, Tom Heavy Equipment Operator
Rickerl, Sandy Administrative Assistant/Permit Technician
Rethemeier, Eric Division Commander - Captain
Reller, Wendy Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator
Rasmussen, Joan Desk Assistant
Radamacher, Bradley Water Quality Specialist
Prokopec, Josh Engineering Technician 3
Petterson, Jason Sergeant - Patrol
Petterson, John Police Officer
Perkins, Duane Lead Heavy Equipment Operator
Pekuri, William Assistant City Engineer
Olson, Richard First Class Operator
Oeltjenbruns, Matthew Police Officer
O Connor, Timothy Information Technology System Administrator
Nichols, Patty Assistant Children's Librarian
Nelson, Dean Plant Superintendent
Nelson, Paul Park Technician I
Nelson, Chad Mechanic
Nelson, Robert Parks and Building Maintenance I
Munns, Thomas Corporal/Investigator/School Liaison
Mundale, Jeffrey Division Commander - Captain
Monson, Carole Administrative Assistant - Public Works
Moen, Rhonda Finance Director
Moe, Keith Plant Operator D
Miller, Wes Park Technician I
Mieritz, Alexandra Police Officer
Michael, Melissa Police Officer
McShane, Richard Park Technician II
Matejcek, Jason Police Officer
MacFadyen, Scott Parks and Building Maintenance II
Lubahn, Dave Circulation Assistant
Lowery, Renee Assistant Library Director
Leuning, Mary Custodian
Lesnau, Brianne Corporal/Investigator/School Liaison
Lemm, Kevin Laboratory Manager
Lambert, James Parks and Building Maintenance II
Lager, Darla Children's Libraraian
Kuntz, Thomas Mayor
Kruschke, Greg Community Development Specialist
Krueger, Bonnie Senior Reference/Cataloging Librarian
Koziolek, Anthony Engineering Technician 3
Kopp, Kristen Planning Technician
Knutson, Mike Lead Heavy Equipment Operator
Knutson, Ronald Heavy Equipment Operator
Knudson, Mary Jo Recreation Superintendent
Knopick, Kevin Custodian
Kniefel, Rob Sergeant - Patrol
Kniefel, Mark Heavy Equipment Operator
Klein, Michael Heavy Equipment Operator - Parks
Klecker, Troy Community Development Director
Kiel, Keith Lead Heavy Equipment Operator
Keyes, Elliot Civil Engineer
Kath, Marlin Fire Commander
Kath, Mark Custodian
Kamholz, Korey Fire Equipment Operator
Jorgensen, Holly Desk Assistant
Johnson, Mike Fire Chief
Johnson, Benjamin Police Officer
Johnson, Travis Community Service Officer
Hunt, Joel Detective
Hofmeister, Randy Parks and Building Maintenance II
Hoffmann, Linda Desk Assistant
Hiller, Keith Police Chief
Hermel, Bonnie Administrative Assistant - Fire
Hennen, Adam Police Officer
Hardee-Hagen, Sandee Desk Assistant
Hanson, Kelly Fire Commander
Hafstad, Richard Park Foreman
Guse, Diane Accountant
Grosenick, Barry Parks and Building Maintenance I
Griffith, Gene Golf Maintenance II
Gorski, Lynn Human Resource Coordinator
Gontarek, Mary Senior Media Services/Reference Librarian
Gerhartz, David Heavy Equipment Operator
Frandle, Bruce Plant Operator C
Flynn, Terrence Detective
Feltes, Mary Kay Director of Library Services
Fell, Clark Street Superintendent
Fandel, Brandon Detective
Ellis, Leon First Class Operator
Ebeling, Corky (James) Director of Parks Recreation and Government Buildings
Earl, Michael Police Officer
Dushaw, Bradley Recreation Superintendent
Dupic, Adam Police Officer
Duchene, Tracy Sergeant - Patrol
Dub, Kim Adminstrative Assistant - Investigations
Drenth, Andrew Sergeant - Patrol
DeVinny, George Sergeant - Patrol
Dettmann, Randy Mechanic
Cooper, Sean Police Officer
Clawson, Jeanette Assistant City Clerk
Christensen, Jason Police Officer
Callahan, Nikki Administrative Assistant I
Busse, Kris City Administrator
Brown, Ryan Information Technology Coordinator
Brown, Darin Facilities Technician - Electrician
Brown, Justin Heavy Equipment Operator
Bowman, Steve Police Officer
Boutelle, Lisa Desk Assistant
Bokelmann, Nancy Housing Coordinator
Boettcher, Gary Custodian
Blaha, John Master Carpenter
Beyer, Brian Heavy Equipment Operator
Berg, Christian Police Officer
Bera, Sandra Senior Accountant
Bentley, Wendy Administrative Assistant - Executive
Beck, Ken Building Official
Beaver, Dave Airport Manager
Bata, John Sergeant - Patrol
Baker, Randall Mechanic
Arett, Bruce Heavy Equipment Operator
Ardolf, Travis Police Officer
Anderson, Eric Assistant Recreation Director
Ammentorp, Emily Police Officer
Ahrens, Travis Fire Commander
Ackerson, Jesse Police Officer
Abrahams, Jessica Administrative Assistant I
Abrahams, Jessica Administrative Assistant - Human Resources