Friday Camp Staff

City of Owatonna

Job Description

Date:      February 27, 2013

Job Title:      Friday Camp Leader

Department:     Parks and Recreation

Immediate Supervisor:     Friday Camp Supervisor, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator

Direction of others:     Campers, Volunteers and Support Staff

Minimum Education, Training and Experience Required:     Be 16 years of age minimum, Prefer some experience/knowledge of disabilities through personal, volunteer or work involvement. Have some knowledge/interest in games, crafts, sports or outdoor leisure activities for children.

Nature of Work:     To lead outdoor recreation activities in a daycamp setting for children with disabilities, and assist them as needed also during lunch, snacks and bathroom breaks.

Work performed/Areas of Responsibility:    

  1. Attend all mandatory meetings for seasonal staff.
  2. Confirm any schedule conflicts with TR Coordinator.
  3. Participate in initial training meeting with Friday Camp Staff to plan weekly themes and details of summer schedule.
  4. Read Camper applications and become familiar with camper needs. Refer questions to TR Coordinator.
  5. Review Disability Resource Guide to learn more about disabilities represented, to prepare for campers’ arrival.
  6. Tour area of Camp Supplies and equipment to know our inventory for planning games, craft, and activities.
  7. Assist with cleaning the boathouse to use as needed for storage and shelter prior to starting Camp.
  8. Review as a staff all safety precautions and procedures regarding weather conditions accident or injury, pickup and drop off policy and other emergency guidelines.
  9. Report any incidents to TR Coordinator and assist with completion of a written report.
  10. Wear nametags weekly and become acquainted with campers, parents and support staff upon their arrival.
  11. Arrive 15 – 20 minutes before camp begins and after campers have departed to assist with set up and clean up.
  12. Know at all times where your assigned campers are.
  13. Discreetly communicate camper information with other staff as needed.
  14. Review camp agenda weekly, post agenda for campers, and know the weekly rain plan.
  15. Assist the Friday Camp Supervisor as directed.
  16. Complete a staff evaluation to be sent to the TR office within 1 week of Friday Camp’s conclusion.
  17. Assist with end of the season cleanup.