Borrowing & Renewing

How do I check out items?

Bring the items you have picked out to the nearest service desk. Present your Library Card to staff, who will check out the items for you. Alternatively, you can check out books at the self-serve check out station located next to the elevator in Adult Services. You will receive a slip containing the due dates for each item.

How long can materials be checked out?

Take a look at the loan periods and fines for overdue items.

Items Loan Period Fines per Day
Books 28 Days 10 cents
Audiobooks 28 Days 10 cents
New Books 14 Days 10 cents
Magazines 14 Days 10 cents
Music CDs 14 Days 10 cents
Movies 7 Days $1.00
Repair Manuals 14 Days 10 cents
Holiday Books 14 Days 10 cents
Reference Materials Special Permission Needed
Newspapers In-House None
Microfilm In-House None
Children's Books and Games 28 Days None
Children's Audiobooks 28 Days None
Children's Movies 7 Days None
Children's CDs and Magazines 14 Days None
Children's Leapfrogs 7 Days None

May I renew materials?

Unless there is a waiting list, items may generally be renewed for one additional Loan Period.

Click on the MY ACCOUNT link on our HOME page to renew items and for other information about your account. If you need assistance or have any questions, call 507-444-2460 or ask a librarian.

Note that the renewal period begins from the day the items are renewed, not from the due date. Some items can not be renewed because they belong to another library and/or may have been requested by another person. If items are overdue or if you have too many outstanding fines, you will need to contact Library staff for assistance.