Parks and Recreation Pavilion Policy 

 **Payment for pavilion reservations must be made at the time of the request.

**In the event of cancellations of a pavilion by the renting party a cancellation fee of $10.00 will be assessed and a refund will be issued ONLY if the renting party gives notice ONE MONTH prior to the reservation. If the Parks and Recreation Department finds it necessary to cancel a pavilion reservation, a full refund will be given.

**Alcoholic beverages are allowed in all parks EXCEPT Central Park, Cashman Park and Kaplan’s Wood Parkway, Owatonna Soccer Complex or any school properties.  Glass containers are not allowed in any parks.

**Permits for large containers of alcoholic beverages are required.  They are available at the Parks & Recreation office for a fee of $10.00 and a damage deposit of $50.00.  Minnesota Statue 340 regulates against the sale of alcoholic beverages.

**Pavilion renters are reminded that they are responsible for picking up and disposing of all garbage that is created by users into garbage cans provided or they could forfeit the damage deposit.

**Balloons are not allowed in the Warsinski Chalet.  Anyone using balloons in the Warsinski Chalet, and allowing balloons to float into the fans will lose their $200.00 damage deposit.

**Pavilion renters are informed to pick up the key for the Chalet one or two days work days before the rental.  A $50.00 fee will be charged if the parks on-call person is called to open the Chalet on the day of the event.  If the renter loses the Chalet Key and does not return the key to the Parks and Recreation office the $200.00 deposit is forfeited to the Parks and Recreation Department.

**No smoking is allowed in the Warsinski Chalet facility.

**Water keys are available for most pavilions.  These keys are used when water is needed for filling coffee pots or large containers with water.  No key is required for Dartt’s Large or Mineral Springs Large.  (Push button for water.)

Special Use Permit Policy

Due to budget cuts in the Park and Recreation, the Park and Recreation Board  list the following recommendations to be used for Special Use Permit Requests in order to continue to provide services for those requests.   

Special Use Requests will still be considered by the Park and Recreation Board with the following policy changes: 

  • All special use requests must be made at the Parks and Recreation office.

  • No over-time hours can be used by the Park and Recreation Staff to handle requests.  For instance – opening and closing of the Central Park Stage.    

  • For Central Park Stage Use:  Someone within the rental party must be trained to open and close the stage –contact the Parks Department for a staff member to train a volunteer between the hours of 7 AM-3 PM.    A charge of $100 will be charged to open and to close the stage if no one in the party is able to do this.    


Parks With Pavilion Rentals Available

Brown Park

Dartts Park

Walter H. Gainey

Jaycee Park

Kaplans Park

Manthey Park

Mineral Springs

Morehouse Park

Steele County Fairgrounds Park


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