Group Swim Lessons

Cost: $39 for group lessons


Tuesday Night Classes: Meets September 30-December 2 (no class October 14)

Junior High Pool

Level 3      6:30-7:20pm                            Level 3            7:25-8:15pm

Level 4      6:30-7:20pm                            Level 4            7:25-8:15pm

Level 5      6:30-7:20pm                            Level 6            7:25-8:15pm


Thursday Night Classes: Meets September 25–December 4 (no class October 16 or November 27)

West Hills Pool

Pre-School             5:00-5:30pm

Parent & Child       5:30-6:00pm

Level 1                  6:05-6:35pm

Level 2                  6:40-7:30pm

Level 1                  7:35-8:05pm


Saturday Morning Classes: Meets September 27–December 6 (no class October 18 or November 29)

West Hills Pool

Parent & Child       9:00-9:30am

Pre-School             9:30-10:00am

Level 1                  10:00-10:30am

Level 2                  10:35-11:25am

Level 1                  11:30am-12:00pm

Level 2                  12:05-12:55pm


Private Swim Lessons

Cost: $100 for one student, $150 for two students (same family, scholarships not available)

Location: West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center Pool

Private swim lessons with a certified Water Safety Instructor.  Each class meets five times for 30 minutes each.  If there are two students in a class, the students must be within one level of each other.  You may not sign up for two classes for the same person until a week after registration opens.


Session 1

  Mondays 6:00pm                       September 22-October 20

  Mondays 6:30pm                       September 22-October 20

  Fridays 4:00pm                          September 19-October 17

  Fridays 4:30pm                          September 19-October 17

  Fridays 5:00pm                          September 19-October 17

  Sundays 3:00pm/4:00pm            September 21-September 28/October 5-19 (note time changes to 4:00pm starting in October)

  Sundays 3:30pm/4:30pm            September 21-September 28/October 5-19 (note time changes to 4:30pm starting in October)


Session 2

  Mondays 6:00pm                       October 27-November 24

  Mondays 6:30pm                       October 27-November 24

  Fridays 4:00pm                          October 24-November 21

  Fridays 4:30pm                          October 24-November 21

  Fridays 5:00pm                          October 24-November 21

  Sundays 4:00pm                        October 26-November 23

  Sundays 4:30pm                        October 26-November 23

  Sundays 5:00pm                        October 26-November 23