Youth with disabilities or health concerns are welcome and encouraged to participate in existing youth sports, aquatics, trips and summer programs. The "inclusion" policy of this program provides all childeren registered to participate with an equal advantage. Therefore adaptive equipment, program modifications, and other accommodations are considered to assist the individual as needed. Individualized consultation with parents and coordination with the coach/instructor help make the transistion possible. In addition, all coaches, aquatic staff and summer staff recieve resource information for working with the child with disabilities in their training sessions. Requests for 1 to 1 assistance are provided when possible.

Registration:  When enrolling your child in sports and other youth programs we request that you check the “Special Needs” column on the registration form.  We must be aware of any medical condition that warrants medication or special attention from Parks and Recreation staff while your child is in our care.  Information shared with a coach or instructor is confidential. 

Teen Club

This weekly activity group is designed for teen's ages 14-22 years, who have developmental disabilities, and would benefit from social interaction and a place to meet friends. Our 90 minute weekly schedule includes drop in activities, structured crafts, games, local trips and tours as well as attending OHS events as a group. A schedule of our weekly plans and locations is available in the Therapeutic Recreation newsletter.

  • Meets Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm
  • Weekly locations vary with activity, home sites include Senior Place and Warsinski Chalet

Night Club

This weekly social group is designed for adults over 22 years who have developmental disabilities and mental health issues. this group is an extension of our Teen Club and functions much the same way. Activities are more age appropriate for adults, and we encourage the independent pursuit of leisure interest, whenever possible. Night Club is a place to establish and cultivate friendships through recreation.

  • Meets Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm
  • Location: Senior Place and other sites
  • Transportation provided to members in city limits upon request. Riders must call Owatonna Bus Company for pick up.


LIFE (Leisure Is for Everyone) is the name of our Leisure Education Program designed for individuals with disabilities, 20-35 years old. Members of the LIFE group will meet on a weekly basis, and learn the skills necessary to make the most of their leisure time. While keeping involved in recreation activities and pursuing new friendships, they will also learn to plan and organize their daily schedules outside of work using a personal planner. Our goals are to explore personal leisure interests and community resources; develop an understanding of self advocacy and personal independence and learn the rewards that come from volunteering. At this time we do not provide transportation. We also encourage members to attend without staff, if possible. We hope this group will serve as a transition program between Teen Club and Night Club, and that members will learn the importance of choosing and planning leisure options.

  • Meets Wednesdays 4-5:30pm
  • Location: Senior Place and other locations
  • Personal planner is required
  • Planning sessions held every 6 weeks.

Details for Night Club, Teen Club, and LIFE

  • Membership and registration packets for Night Club, Teen Club, or LIFE group are available at the TR office and must be submitted prior to starting.
  • The membership fee for Night Club, Teen Club, and LIFE is $45.00 for six months, with fees due January 1 and July 1.
  • Weekly activity schedules appear in the TR newsletter and online at the Parks and Recreation website.
  • Night Club, Teen Club and LIFE programs operate year round, 43 weeks per year.
  • Questions, call the Theraputic Recreation office at 507-774-7360.

Adaptive Swim Class

This class is designed for youth and teens (age 6-14) tht have disabilities and benefit from a specialized program. The instructor is a qualified water safety instructor and experienced in making adaptations for the swimmer with special needs. If a WSI is unavailable our lifeguard staff will conduct a leisure swim session for participants using games and water activites to promote physical exercise, socialization, and independence in the water. Those using a wheelchair are encouraged to use our pool life for transfer into/and out of the water. Anyone whose ability restricts them from using the men's and women's locker rooms indepentently is welcome to use the bathroom and changing area located directly off the pool. Al south side accessible entrance is avilable for pool use. As we provide an experienced water safety instructor and a special needs aide to assist in the pool, we ask that you provide a volunteer if your child needs further 1:1 assistance. Class limit is 8.