Owatonna Park and Recreation Department’s Youth Scholarship Guidelines

1.  Scholarship money is available to youth 18 years and younger and adults who are eligible for the adult special programs.  Recipients must live within School District  #761.

2.  Maximum amount per year will be 80% per child per program.

3.  Applications must be picked up at the Owatonna Park and Recreation office, City Hall, 540 West Hills Circle, completed and returned to the Park and Recreation office at least one week prior to start of registration period.

4.  Persons applying for youth scholarship money must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for scholarship monies.

     Applicants may qualify for scholarship monies if they are eligible for any of the following programs.

           A.      Free and reduced lunch programs

           B.      Recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Social Security Benefits

           C.      Medical Assistance Program

           D.      Other

5.  The Owatonna Park and Recreation Department reserves the right to verify all information contained on the application form, in order to either grant, deny, or revoke any scholarship monies.

6.  Only the Owatonna Youth Scholarship Assistance Fund Committee and management staff will review the application form, in order to maintain strict confidentiality.

7.  Applicants will be notified before the registration period, what they will receive for scholarship monies.

8.  Anyone being approved to receive scholarship money, must bring their approved scholarship form with them or mail it in with the program registration form.

9.  Funding for the Owatonna Youth Scholarship Assistance Fund comes in part from the Robin Eiseman Macht Scholarship Fund.