Canine Unit

The Owatonna Police Department's canine, Kash, is a pure bred German Shepherd.  He was bred to be a police dog and was brought to the United States to work for the Owatonna Police Department.  Kash has more desire and drive than a German Shepherd born in the U.S.  Kash started training with his partner, Officer Brady Fox, in the spring of 2013 at the St. Paul Police Canine Training Facility.  The training program was twelve weeks long and was very intense for both Officer Fox and Kash.  Kash learned obedience and Officer Fox learned how to communicate with Kash by voice commands and hand signals.  They learned how to track people for a variety of reasons, search for people in large areas, and for people in buildings.  Kash is also trained to apprehend or catch people who try to run when he finds them and to protect his partner.   Officer Fox and Kash graduated from the training program on May 23, 2013 and began working the streets and neighborhoods of Owatonna shortly thereafter.  Kash rides in the backseat of a special police car.  When they are not working, Kash lives at Officer Fox's home.  Officer Fox and Kash also spend a lot of time off-duty training.  Being a Canine Officer is a 24/7 job.  Officer Fox and Kash are a special team for our Department and a great addition to aid us in the war against crime. We have had fantastic support from our Community and without public and private support, our canine program would not have gotten off the ground. Aside from their work catching bad guys, Officer Fox and Kash are available for public presentations.

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Shown below are previous Owatonna Police Department canines and their handlers.

              Officer Brandel Fandel and Bullet                                               Corporal John Petterson and Kilo