Public Works Director




DATE: 06-04-2012

JOB TITLE: City Engineer/Director of Public Works

DEPARTMENT: Public Works


DIRECTION OF OTHERS: All personnel of the following divisions: Engineering, Streets, Sewer Collection, and Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Minimum qualifications: A minimum of a BS Degree in Civil Engineering, registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota, five years municipal supervisory experience in engineering following receipt of PE. Masters of MBA or Civil Engineering will substitute for one year experience. Excellent communication skills.

Preferred qualifications:

1. Five years storm water management experience.

2. Five years Public Works Director experience responsible for multiple areas. For example: storm water management, construction, and supervision of municipal projects.

3. Five years design and construction admin experience.

4. Working knowledge of computer programs related to project management, evaluation and design.

NATURE OF WORK: Plan, organize, and supervise functions and programs of the Public Works Department.


I. Maintain and supervise employees to provide primary and incidental services related to the objectives of the above listed departments. Assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of subordinate supervisors to meet long range programs and short range projects; applies personnel policies and procedures including safety programs; initiates and recommends personnel actions for all subordinates.

II. Develop departmental operating policy to assure coordination of activities and meet stated objectives of the divisions under supervision.

A. Meets and confers with City Administrator and other city department heads.

B. Directs all departmental functions through administrative, supervisory, and professional personnel.

C. Supervises all activities of the departments.

D. Holds regular staff meetings with supervisors for the purpose of instruction and coordination of various projects.

E. Consults with division heads and makes decisions regarding operational objectives.

F. Strong knowledge and experience with the Chapter 429 local improvements, special assessments.

III. Directs engineering, maintenance, and construction operations within the City to assure the proper coordination of project participants and adherence to time schedules.

A. Supervises the drawing of plans, estimates, and specifications of all construction projects.

B. Supervises all bid-letting procedures.

C. Directs and advises staff on technical matters.

D. Reviews and/or supervises construction projects.

E. Maintains project records.

F. Coordinate/manage work with Consultants.

G. Experience working with regulatory agencies.

IV. Attends meetings and provides professional advice to the City Administrator, City Council, and various boards and commissions.

A. Prepares reports.

B. Provides professional expertise to the various boards and commissions.

C. Represents department at City Council meetings.

D. Communicate clearly and effectively through written reports and oral communication to Administration, City Council, public and the media.

V. Develops and administers departmental budget to maintain fiscal control.

A. Prepares annual budgets, with the assistance of division heads, for the department.

B. Develops Capital Improvement Plan for infrastructure and coordinates improvements with Administration and Community Development Director on prioritizing projects.

C. Supervises and administers funds for all construction and repair projects.

D. Approves all requests for disbursement of department funds.

VI. Performs other job related functions

A. Performs special duties as assigned by the City Administrator.


l. Represents the City regarding transactions with other government bodies and agencies concerning departmental matters.

A. Initiates and studies a variety of programs pertaining to departmental functions.

B. Presents City views for consideration in matters under discussion.

II. Develops public understanding of work and activities of the Public Works Department.

A. Answers citizen questions and requests for materials and information in a professional manner.

B. Follows up on citizen complaints in areas pertaining to the department.

C. Maintains good public relations with the City Council, industries, businesses, and with the general public.

D. Attends meetings of civic organizations, schools, and other public functions to promote programs of the department.

E. Maintains a work schedule permitting easy access for the public.


I. Must posses a valid Minnesota driver’s license.

II. Must be registered as a Professional Engineer by the State of Minnesota.

III. All required licenses and certifications must be maintained active and valid by the employee.


I. Employee must be capable of operating miscellaneous tools and equipment relative to this position which shall include but may not be limited to: Motor vehicles, communication equipment, computers, copy machines, fax machines, measuring devices, and calculators.


I. Hours may vary, but generally 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. This is an exempt position and does not accrue overtime.

II. Office environment and construction job site activities, which may include walking, climbing, and bending, in a normal construction environment. This may include exposure to the natural elements, dust, insects, and conditions that could be hazardous or dangerous relative to construction sites.

III. As approved by the City Administrator and availability of funds, continuing education and training will be provided to ensure a competent level of ability to perform the duties of this position and to allow maintenance of required licenses and certifications.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act the following represents the Physical and Environmental Demands: This position requires an equal amount of time spent standing, walking, and sitting. Lifting, pushing/pulling, or carrying objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds is sometimes required, with a maximum of seventy-five (75) pounds infrequently required. Climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, twisting, and bending are sometimes required. Repetitive movements of the hands are sometimes required. Audio, visual, and verbal functions are essential functions to performing this position. The majority of the workday is spent indoors.